The interactive information center (CINFIN) is a technologic solution brought to you by Panamproject and BAM Studios. It comes with hardware, software, connectivity and cloud storage; to give information to the user in a simple manner. It also allows you to collect contact information to turn simple users and passers by in potential clients.

There are 2 CINFIN versions dedicated to different tasks:


It's designed to collect personal information of its user. The device does registry and check-in functions during fairs or in public places to help lower the work load on tired and busy employees. The user is accompanied by a virtual assistent all the time, to guide him/her through the interface until the task is complete


  • Registry module
  • Check-in module
  • Thermal printer
  • QR code scanner
  • Content management system
  • Wifi, 3G or 4G connectivity


  • 21.5" HD touch screen
  • Speakers
  • Industrial PC
  • Steel case
  • Wifi, 3G or 4G connectivity


CINFIN Informative gives your company the oportunity to provide users with information on all kinds of topics, in a not so common manner.

Create innovative and entertaining educational campaigns for human resource training, environmental care, finance management or anything you can think of. In Fogata Morada we'll make sure to adapt our solution to your content to the best of our abilities.


All CINFIN versions include a wifi or 3G/4G module; since connectivity is an important part of our solution we make sure to provide all elements necessary to make it work properly. Thanks to our 3G/4G module, CINFIN doesn't rely on wifi and allows us to take our solution wherever you are.


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